If you’re reading this, it means you have caught on to what I have started pretty early on or that you’ve scrolled all the way back to the first post on this site. In either case, here’s a special shout out to you my friend.

I started this site because I got tired of curating my online presence too much, which I have been doing for a long time. It was part of staying disciplined and not doing too many things that were outside the bounds of what I had been focusing on. That practice served me well and got me to places, however, I came to realize that it is in my nature to continuously explore, learn, try, and share my experiences and that I needed a place where I could document all that. There’s no guessing to what this site will turn into, and so I won’t make any promises here that I won’t be able to fulfill.

So, there we go. There’s now a place on the internet that’s fully mine and will host my thoughts, projects, experiments, and whatever else I decide to get into and share with you all.